Let’s create the future!

And tell the fantastic stories while we do the work.


If you like inspiring stories about normal people making positive change in the world, you’re in the right place.

Since 2015 I have been building my new career path, step by step.


Testing – failing – pivoting – testing again.


And I have enjoyed every step. Well, almost every step.


I used to work as a geophysicist for the oil industry. Until everything crashed in 2015. After realizing that there were bigger issues in the world than my unemployment, I started searching for the path where I could make a change.

During my search I met so many interesting people, found so many fascinating topics, and all the time I just got more curious and excited about all the changes we will have to make going forward.

As individuals and as a society.

How do we create a good life in combination with an exciting job, while at the same time trying to fix the damage we have done to the planet? This is what I want to find out, and I will be so happy if you join me!

Do you feel overwhelmed by the state of the world? 

I often do too. But I strongly believe we can all do so much more to create the changes needed to turn things around. And I want you to feel you can be a part of the change. 
That is why I started Stories for the future podcast, where I talk with normal, everyday people, doing extraordinary things. 

I want you to feel you can step into their shoes and be just as extraordinary.

Because, you actually can.


The goal of this podcast is not primarily to talk about sustainability or climate change.
The goal is to build excitement and enthusiasm for creating a fantastic future.

I’m constantly looking for  inspiring stories

  • Did you make a radical career change?
  • Did you start something to make the world a better place?
  • Did you have a defining moment that changed everything?

Please reach out to me! Maybe your story is exactly what someone else needs to hear.