Allow yourself to experiment with different career paths, with Janis Chan

Sep 21, 2022

Do you allow yourself to experiment with your career? Or do you cling to the safe and comfortable, not risking failure, but also missing out on the really interesting stuff? I think most of us fall into that second category. I have been there myself, and it is only gradually during the last six years that I have allowed myself to test and experiment.

My guest on this weeks’ episode is Janis Chan. Janis’ career path has a lot of similarities to my own. She used to work in oil and gas, with over 15 years in different engineering and management roles. She then had a a number of external factors leading her to take a step back and evaluate what she really wanted to do. Janis is now working as a Leadership Coach with people in hyper-growth organizations as well as private clients including Small Business Owners and Senior Managers.

A portfolio career

Janis is my second guest coming from The Portfolio Collective. Like my previous guest, Joanne Thurlow, she has found the “portfolio way of working” to suit her very well, and she is now creating a career as a leadership coach, project manager and consultant.
If there is one thing I would like you to take away from this episode it is this:

Go out and try different things. You will have way more interesting stories from your life and who knows what you will enjoy the most if you don’t try. We have this life, at least this version of it, so make it count and dont sweat the small stuff. 

You can get in touch with Janis on her LinkedIn profile.




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