Ep 25: Building a rooftop solar company and pursuing real climate action with Arjun SriHari

Nov 3, 2021

Today my guest is Arjun SriHari.

“The only way that we are going to solve this climate crisis is if the world comes together.”

Arjun is a big advocate for bursting the bubbles and coming together, across the many barriers and divides existing today. He started his career with a strategic communications consultancy – and clear and effective communication is something he values highly.

He has spent 5 years building a rooftop solar company in India with the clear goal of helping speed up the transition to renewable energy in his home country. In this episode he shares the ups and downs of that journey as well as the reason for moving on and stepping away from the company.
He recently finished his MBA in Madrid, Spain, and now he is on the hunt for his next adventure in the Sustainability/Climate Action/Climate Tech space.

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