In between and behind the scenes: Design thinking my way into 2022

Jan 13, 2022

I am design thinking my way into the new year!

For those of us who always work best under pressure, we are now busy doing the planning for this new year, the part we should have done in December of course.
But I always feel so motivated in January, so for me, these first few days are the best for making plans. I have this great new planner – the same as the last four years – it’s blank, empty, clean pages and there are so many opportunities to fill those pages with interesting stuff I want to try out.

So as I am planning, sorting out what I will spend my time on, how many hours a week on the different projects, what my goals will be and what actions I will have to take in order to reach those goals, I start reflecting. And I thought I would share some of those reflections with you.

I am design thinking my way into the new year.

By the way; check out my new website!

Bill Burnett’s TED talk

Book: Designing your life, by Bill Burnett and Dave Evans

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