Embracing the squiggly career path, with Alan Tang

Nov 3, 2022

Have you heard the term “squiggly career path”? I hadn’t until I met this week’s guest, but I love it, and I have hereby adopted the term.

The squiggly career

Have you ever wanted to try something new – a new job, a totally different career path or just a small project very different from what you do today? And then your next thought is:  “No, I couldn’t. That doesn’t fit with who I am, my professional identity, what people expect from me….” And on and on it goes….

This week’s guest is here to tell you that actually, “Yes, you can!”
Alan Tang is the Chief of Staff at The Portfolio Collective, and that is also where I met him. And he is such a great inspiration!

Alan has a background from economics and he had a very comfortable and successful career path laid out in front of him. But at some point he realized that what he was doing didn’t make him happy. So he quit his corporate finance career and became a chef. And he loved it!
Although not working with that anymore, he is very conscious about going after what he is interested in and what aligns with his values.

The portfolio career

There are definitely things about having a portfolio career that can be challenging – like working out your calendar and managing how much time you can spend on each project. But when I look at the possibilities, and having Alan as a great example, I always end on the fact that I believe this is the future of work. At least it is for me.

Alan is advisor to fast growth startups, a mentor, investor and teacher at Synthesis. And that is in addition to being Chief of Staff at The Portfolio Collective. And then he throws in some catering on the side. I bet he is rarely bored!
And this is why Alan inspires me so much. Like many of my other guests this season (Janis, Michel and others), the thing that stand out for me is that we should allow ourselves to experiment.


Contact Alan on LinkedIn

Synthesis – Elon Musk’s school for kids between 8 and 14

Alan’s blog on Medium

The Portfolio Collective





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