Ep 12: Make a living doing what you love with Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone

Jan 13, 2021

If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner you know how important it is to make your business sustainable, in every way. Not only when it comes to making a positive impact and doing something which moves us in the right direction, but also related to making an income that you can live from. In addition to that – if you are going to be able to put in the work that is needed, it is absolutely essential that you like what you are doing.
This is more or less the essence of Stories for the future – how to live a good life and have an interesting job while also taking care of our planet.

That is why I think my conversation with Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone was the perfect start to this season. Also – since I have called this season Connecting Changes, I could not have found a more appropriate guest: Danielle has lived in four different countries, travelled to 75, and she has been through some major transitions in her own life and career.

In this episode we talk a lot about changes and all the steps involved in going through them. Danielle shares experiences from different stages of her life and career, why she left a very lucrative career path in JP Morgan, her work with the organization Climate-KIC and green businesses, and how it has lead to where she is today: running her own company Step & Stone from Nairobi in Kenya. And not the least, we talk about how it is ok to change our minds and pivot in a new direction. Because we are always evolving and we can’t expect everything to remain the same through our lives.

As I mention in the episode, Danielle sends out the only newsletter I always read, and I highly recommend checking it out! You can find everything about her and her company at https://stepandstone.co.uk/.

Starting in February Danielle has a brand new program on her site called Simplicity. This is a 10 week accelerator program for entrepreneurs who are trying to make a living doing what they love, without giving up everything else in life. If you are a business owner like that and want to get focused, confident and get customers, you can check out the program here.

And have a look at this page with a lot of really valuable resources for entrepreneurs: https://stepandstone.co.uk/resources/
Highly recommended!

You can also follow Danielle on Instagram.

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