Ep 14: Bridging culture and sustainability, with Caitlin Southwick from Ki Culture

Feb 10, 2021

Did you know that museums in the United States alone produce 12 million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide every year? Or that a single museum can produce the same amount of waste as 365 households?
I did not know this, and this might not be your first thought as you wander through some of our finest museums or watch the cultural heritage at the Vatican or the Van Gogh Museum.

Caitlin Southwick  is the Founder and Executive Director of Ki Culture, a global organization dedicated to creating actionable steps to make culture heritage a leader towards a sustainable future.
Caitlin is a conservator, and as she says, you can think of her as an art doctor, those who typically work in museums to preserve all the things we like to go and watch. She has worked in so many exciting places around the world, like the Vatican Museum and on Easter Island, but at some point she felt something had to be done about how this sector implemented sustainability in their work.

This has lead to the founding of Ki Culture,  the creation of Ki Books (free to download!) and the program Ki Futures.
You will learn more about all this in the episode, and you can also follow them on FacebookInstagramTwitterLIkedIn and YouTube.

As they say on their website:
Sustainability is the future. Culture is the key. We are Ki Culture.


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