Ep 18: How do we talk to children about the climate, with climate communications specialist Frida Berry Eklund

Apr 21, 2021

There is no doubt for any of us that our children are the future. But what future are we creating for them, and how do we talk to them about the changes happening and what to prepare for as they grow up?

When my guest in this episode presents herself, she does that by starting with what is her main role – “I am primarily a mom”, she says. And I very much relate to that priority – nothing is actually more important than to try to create the best possible world and future for our children. For all children, being a parent or not.

Frida Berry Eklund is founder of Our Kids’ Climate, a global network of parent-focused climate organizations. She is also spokesperson for the Swedish parent and climate organization Våra barns klimat.
And she is the author of the book, Prata med barn om klimatet: En handbok.
Because when Frida tried to talk to her own children (6 and 9) about the climate, she didn’t really find  the right words to use. How to communicate the facts without scaring them? Well, she did the research, and now she has written a book about it. And being a communications specialist herself, I can promise you – this is solid stuff!

You can find the book (in Swedish) here: Natur & Kultur or Adlibris.com

To get in touch with Frida: LinkedIn

Our Kids’ Climate
Facebook page

Våra Barns Klimat
Facebook page

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