Ep 20: The importance of arts and crafts in redesigning our exciting future, with visual artist and designer Janne Robberstad (Part 1)

Jun 2, 2021

Why is creativity, arts and crafts so important for the future? How can we amplify these skills and use them to engage, inspire and learn?

In this episode I have the great pleasure to introduce you to Janne Robberstad. She is an assistant professor and PhD student at the Western Norway University.  She is also a teacher, a visual artist and designer, and a production manager of the Global Science Opera.

Check out the Global Science Opera and mark their next show in your calendar!

Janne is currently researching the connection between creativity and sustainability in a design-prosess, and this I think is so important going forward as we will have to redesign basically everything for a sustainable future.

You can have a look at some of Janne’s work here.

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