Ep 52: How the digital transformation can drive sustainability, with Joanne Thurlow

Sep 7, 2022

With two huge transformations happening at the same time, the digital transformation and our society’s transition to a more sustainable one, the complexity and interconnectedness of this topic can sometimes overwhelm us.
For instance, most companies are still in the early stages of digital transformation, and many are struggling to understand how to best leverage data. How can we better use data generated from technology and the digital transformation in a way that drives the transition to the future we want?

My guest today is Joanne Thurlow.  With more than 30 years in the tech industry, Joanne Thurlow has extensive knowledge of today’s IT industry and innovations enabling digital transformation on a global level. Joanne’s primary focus is on digital business transformation through tech-enabled sustainable solutions.

A fellow portfolio professional

Earlier this year I googled the term “portfolio career” as that sounded like something I could resonate with. One of the first results from Google was The Portfolio Collective, a fantastic community of portfolio professionals, and I am so happy to have found this space! I am sure I will talk a lot more about this later, but for now I will say that you can expect more guests from this community in the months to come. Joanne Thurlow being the first i line.

Joanne transitioned from a long career in the IT and tech industry earlier this year, and now she is building up her own portfolio of exciting projects in the intersection between IT, technology, innovation and sustainability/ESG.

Links and resources

Upcoming events to watch for from Joanne including:

Webinar with Crimson – Oct 6, 8:30 am  – joining  details to be announced Sept 6
Crimson – Microsoft Consultancy & UK IT Recruitment Agency
Embracing change, risk, and life outside your comfort zone
Digital transformation leader Joanne will share her career journey. Including various life challenges, breakthroughs, and re-locations. Joanne regularly challenges herself to step outside her comfort zone and explore new opportunities. We’re all experiencing a period of uncertainty, which will affect our appetite to take risks and push boundaries. Joanne will share techniques and examples to help you pursue your career goals. So, get ready to relate and feel inspired by each other.

E-learning course on Sustainability in an IT company – Oct 12 go live  (further details to follow in the coming weeks)
The SDG Monitor e-learning course on sustainability in Information Technology companies. Bringing sustainability into the IT industry is not only the only way to run a future-smart business but also a must. Whether you are a software company in Saas, IoT, mobile app or Blockchain business or a technology company developing electronic devices that enable efficient use of software, this course will get you started. As a guest instructor, Joanne will highlight the technology used in implementing sustainability and ESGs.

Webinar with Tiba – When digital transformation met Climate change – early Nov – date TBC
Digital Transformation Alliance (ditrall.com)
The Rapid Evolution of Sustainability, ESG and Data in today’s world
In partnership with Digital Transformation Alliance (ditrall.com)  (partners Tiba & Strategy-Transformation.de)
Two massive transformations are happening today, impacting all levels of people and organizations on a global level. The first is digital transformation and technologies along with the data that it generates. The second is the rapid changes in climate and the threat it poses globally. ESG is evolving into the standard framework for measuring results, especially within the investment community. Understanding the criticality that data plays in success, as well as the complexity of data metrics will be foundational to creating a new circular economy to help achieve sustainability.

Want to find out more about Joanne and what she has to offer? She will launch her web site later in September – JoThurlow.com.

The easiest way to keep up to date is to follow Joanne on LinkedIn as more details on these, and other upcoming will soon be announced.





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