Ep13: Let’s co-create a beautiful future, with Anne Bland from Future Proof Your Business

Jan 27, 2021

How can we co-create, work across borders and silos, and use the best in every one of us to create the best possible future? And is it actually possible to enjoy the ride as well?

Anne Bland is Finnish, but she lives in the UK and has done so for many years. She is a speaker, writer, coach and consultant, and she has recently co-founded Future Proof Your Business together with Sue Jackson (whom she met online, and they actually founded the company before they met in person!).
They help purpose-driven businesses and entrepreneurs, who want to make an impact and leave a positive and sustainable legacy for future generations, to become successful and profitable in this rapidly changing world.

Anne is also a Climate Reality Leader, and that is how we got to know about each other.
The Climate Reality Project was founded by Al Gore in 2006 in order to create awareness and spread knowledge about climate change.
Since then Al Gore himself along with a number of other experts has trained more than 30.000 climate reality leaders worldwide in climate science, communication and in how to inspire action in order to solve the climate crisis.

Anne is all about co-creation and collaboration and and I am absolutely sure she means it when she urges us to reach out to her to potentially build new partnerships and fruitful connections.
You can read more about her business on LikendIn, contact her there personally, or write her an e-mail at anne@future-proof-your-business.com

The platform Anne talks about where they have recently won an award is geniusU, well worth to check out, I think!

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