Ep16: How to find your genius zone as a leader, with leadership coach Anna Liebel

Mar 17, 2021

How do we lead in times of great change and uncertainty? And how does the business leader find back to the passion and purpose that was once there, but might have gotten lost in the daily hustle of putting out fires and dealing with all the “stuff”.

In this week’s episode I have the great pleasure of sitting down with Anne Liebel. Anna is a  leadership coach, has her own consultancy and also her own podcast. She helps leaders find back to their genius zone, that place where we feel passion and purpose for what we are spending our days working on. Anna believes that great leadership starts with you, and her main focus with her clients lies on their self-leadership and personal development.

She has a background in project management and experience from a number of different industries.

When searching for the stories for the future, leadership is one of those things that I think glues everything together in a way. And I am not only talking about business leadership. As we discuss in this episode we all have to lead, as friends, parents, spouses, citizens. And it is more important than ever that we dare to lead. And in ways that is in alignment with our values and personal strengths.

I highly recommend checking out Anna’s podcast: Genius Leadership: Overcoming everything

You can also follow Anna on her website and on LinkedIn.

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