Ep 46: Exploring the future of business education, with Katarína Halušková and Karolina Sobczak from ABIS

Jun 30, 2022

What is the future of business education and what is the role of management education going forward? Are the business schools of today doing enough to educate the leaders we need in the future?
What kind of knowledge do we actually need in order to secure a sustainable future?

Katarína Halušková and Karolina Sobczak from The Academy of Business in Society (ABIS) have been working a lot on these questions and today they are here to share some of their findings.
No doubt there are positive changes on the way, but there are also big gaps that we need to close, sooner rather than later.

And how do you feel about playing a game to explore alternative futures? At ABIS they are also working on something called Scenario Exploration System Workshops where they enable participants to build knowledge and at the same time explore different plausible futures.
You can attend one of their taster sessions to learn more about this.

It has been so interesting to learn more about this great network, and the resources and knowledge they provide are fantastic!

Thank you Katarina and Karolina for sharing about your work, and also your own personal journeys and thoughts about we create the future we all want.

You can follow ABIS on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube.


The ABIS team at their Brussel headquarter.





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