How to build a career that will change the world, with Roshan Paul

Aug 11, 2022

Have you thought about why you work? Of course there are the obvious reasons, like putting food on the table for yourself and your family, and making society work in all its forms.
But is there another reason that we perhaps should add to the list? Like having an impact and changing the world for the better?

This topic is one I am extremely interested in (ep. 44), and that’s why I was over the moon happy when I found Roshan Paul. It was one of these lucky coincidences that made me aware of his work; my podcasting mentor Regina Larko told me about Diana Wu David who has these great webinars. I attended one as an excuse to sit inside and defrost my fingers in the middle of our winter vacation in the Norwegian mountains. And there he was – Roshan Paul, talking about the new reason to work and how we can have more impact in our careers.

Roshan is a social entrepreneurship expert and bestselling autor of the book The New Reason to Work: How to Build a Career That Will Change the World. I immediately bought this book, and read in almost in one sitting. And I highly recommend you do the same!

I this episode he shares his journey from working ten years with Ashoka, to co-founding the Amani Institute and educating people on how to build a career in the social sector.
He also shares the reason for writing the book and the six essential keys that can unlock your dream career in social impact.

You can reach out to Roshan on LinkedIn.

If you are wondering how you can pivot your own career to have more impact, you can download my free guide to more impactful work here.




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