How to help leaders fast track their sustainability actions, with leadership coach Efwa Hagström

Feb 9, 2022

My guest this week has been right in front of me for a while, and suddenly I realized that what she is talking about and working on is highly relevant to the topics of this podcast. I am so happy to let you get to know Efwa Hagström!

Efwa Hagström helps sustainability leaders to get buy-in and speed up the action needed to progress positive change.
Efwa is passionate about upskilling leaders with simple communication methods that fast track collaboration, innovation and implementation. She is the founder of and author of ‘Working Smart in the AI-era’ (Fremtidsrettet Ledelse).
Born in Sweden, she has lived in Germany and Belgium for 10 years, in Norway for 21 years, and is dedicated to help leaders fast-track sustainability – no time to lose!

In this episode we talk about the huge potential which lies in corporates in order for us to speed up the transition to a more sustainable world. We talk about the important role of leaders, how to work smart in teams, and why collaboration is not always the only answer. We touch upon many of the interesting topics in Efwa’s book and what got her to write it in the first place.
Efwa also shares her very recent pivot in her own business and what made her do the internal inventory that resulted in the change.

This is so definitely a story for the future, and I hope you get tons of inspiration from this conversation!

Relevant links:

You can contact Efwa at or via her e-mail:
Ewa’s LinkedIn profile:
You can buy Efwa’s book from these links at Amazon (English) or at (Norwegian).


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