It’s ok to change your mind, a replay with Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone

Jan 27, 2022

A few weeks ago I talked about how I use design thinking to try to design my work life and also try to use that in many parts of my life. I quoted Bill Burnett: «No plan for life survives first contact with reality».
This quote came up and tapped me on the head this week.  Like; you said this out loud, now I will show you this in real life.

Covid came along, I almost totally lost my voice and I had to change all my interview and podcasting plans, along with everything else I hade planned.

I used what I had left of my own voice and also dug up some old gold from one year back.

Danielle Anderson from Step & Stone was my first guest after I changed the language of this podcast to English, and this episode is one of my favorites! The topics we discussed back then; of pivoting, of designing your life, and of allowing yourself to change your mind, are so relevant to what I have been talking about in other episodes lately.

Check out Danielle’s program Simplicity which starts on February 2nd!

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