Matching people and skills for impactful collaborations, with Mark Hooley from CollabMaker

Mar 17, 2022

A keyword for this episode and today’s guest is collaboration. 

I think we can all agree that the times we are in call for more and better collaborations and better ways to leverage all the different skills we all have. How do we match the right skills with the right challenges? And how do you find the right people to collaborate with? These are things we will definitely talk about today. 

Mark Hooley is a marketing and communications specialist, a founder of CollabMaker and a Climate Reality Leader. He is a soon to be dad, who enjoys running marathons, cycling across countries, hiking in the mountains and from last year thanks to the snow in Sweden, cross-country skiing, he is also a life-long Nottingham Forest fan, loves traveling and culture. His workdays are powered by an eclectic music selection and a passion for making a positive difference to the world.

Check out CollabMaker here. And don’t just look. Sign up and start collaborating!

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