In between and behind the scenes – My search for the metrics that matter

Feb 16, 2022

What are the metrics that really matter for a podcaster?

For many, me included, the download numbers often determine the mood of the day. Or at least my feeling of success or lack of it.
But is this the right metric for me and for my vision for Stories for the future?

Thanks to one of my new favorite podcasts called Mastering the Podcaster Mindset, it dawned on me, how frustrating and dissatisfying these numbers are. Even if they improve and give me a sense of accomplishment in the moment, I will only set my bar higher and in that way I am never satisfied.

So instead of counting downloads I will now set my own personal metrics and keep reminding myself of why I started the podcast in the first place and what I want people to get from it.

I also talk about this in this episode: In between and behind the scenes – Back to the big WHY

Mentioned in this episode:
Descript – very cool and very revealing transcription tool




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