On a mission to restore the Oslo Fjord, with Anoushka Nordby from Fjord CleanUP

Dec 15, 2021

Today’s guest is Anoushka Nordby from Fjord CleanUP.

Fjord CleanUP is a non-profit environmental organization supporting the restoration and protection of the Inner Oslo Fjord’s natural marine environment. They organize weekly voluntary cleaning events  where they provide volunteers with stand up paddle boards, kayaks, diving equipment and all the gear necessary to clean marine pollution out of the fjord.

Their fun and engaging way of making a change is spreading, and hopefully we can se initiatives like this everywhere with a coastline in the near future. The best thing would of course be if the cleaning was unnecessary, but at the moment we are far away from that.

Fjord CleanUP is on a mission to REDUCE the littering, RESTORE the fjord and to REVITALIZE the ecosystem.  And I suspect they are having quite a bit of fun as well!

Webpage: Fjord CleanUP
Fjord CleanUP on Facebook, InstagramYouTube
Article in Aftenposten

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