Podcasting about stuff that matters, with Regina Larko from #Impact

Nov 16, 2022

My podcasting mentor

Back in 2018 I started playing with the thought: Could I start my own podcast? I was listening to so many inspiring podcasts, and had become completely addicted to this medium. I was also meeting so many people doing great things in the world, and I felt the urge to help spread their stories. At this point I was introduced to Regina Larko. She was so helpful in answering all my stupid questions, and I started to think that this might actually become a reality.

However, I would need another two years of procrastination and a pandemic before I got serious about it. I jumped on to Regina’s online course, and there and then I had found my podcasting mentor.

A podcast about stuff that matters

Regina started her own podcast #Impact much for the same reasons as I did: she wanted to share the stories about people and organizations having an impact in the world. She lived in Hongkong at the time and her podcast served as a wonderful door opener and way to get to know people and the city she had recently relocated to.

Now she has kept going for five seasons, and her podcast has followed her and her family back to Vienna, the city she grew up in.

She keeps inspiring me and so many other listeners with her stories about impact. And she adds to that by teaching others (like myself) to do the same.

Go and check out Regina’s podcast, course and inspiring community!

Resources mentioned in the episode

#Impact – the website

#Impact podcast on Apple

#Impact podcast on Spotify

Online podcasting course

Get in touch with Regina on LinkedIn and on Instagram

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