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Regina Larko at #impact

Regina Larko from #IMPACT is the person who kicked my butt to get started with my long held dream of podcasting.
I always come back to Regina, and she has this incredible way of seeing exactly what is needed for me to step it up another notch.
Take a look at her website to see what she can offer, and just by following her on social media, I can guarantee you will learn a ton!
If you want to buy one of her programs you will get 10% off by using the code FUTURE.




I have used Buzzsprout as my podcasting platform from the very start.
It’s so easy, and they have the best customer service and help provided.
You can get a 90 day free trial by clicking below.




I have guests from all over the globe, and I have to have a good way to record interviews online. With Squadcast I can record studio-quality interviews wherever I am. The best tool I have found so far, and I have tried quite a few.

You can try it out for free by using this link.


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Ignite Video Challenge

I have recently started exploring video as a new way for me to reach out to more people. I thought I would hate it, but actually the exact opposite is true: I love it!

This is very much thanks to The Ignite Video Challenge, which I discovered by accident this spring. For 17 days I posted a new short video in a private Facebook group, and this experience was a game changer! 

If you are curious about video (and even if your think you hate it), I encourage you to try this out. You will have support the whole way, it feels safe and making your daily video can end up being the highlight of your day.

Use the link below to register for the next cohort.
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A few years ago I was first introduced to biomimicry, and from the very first moment I was so fascinated! Very soon I jumped on to an online course by Learn Biomimicry. And I became even more fascinated. When trying to find more local resources to the topic, I found Michel Wolfstirn and Biomimicry Norway which opened up to a whole lot of other resources.
Biomimicry – learning from nature – has made me so excited about how we can use this knowledge to solve so many of our most complex challenges. If you haven’t opened the door to it yet, I highly recommend starting right now! 

I have gathered some of the resources I have found along the way. I encourage you to dive in! 

Learn Biomimicry

Learn Biomimicry is a partnership between BiomimicrySA and Rewild Africa. This is an online course platform with beautiful content and a focus to make the topic accessible to everyone.
I have taken the whole course bundle, but you can also choose one course at a time.

You can use this link to have a sneak peek and see if this is something for you.


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Biomimicry Norway

My second discovery after diving into this topic, was Biomimicry Norway. They run workshops, do consulting, give keynotes and provide a myriade of resources on their website. Check it out below! 


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Useful networks

The Climate Reality Project

In 2019 I became a certified Climate Reality Leader after doing the training in Atlanta with former Vice President Al Gore and a few others (see picture). This was a game changer for me and I came back to Norway with a very different sense of urgency, but also more awareness of the solutions to the climate crisis.
If you would like to get more knowledge about the urgency AND the solutions, I would be happy to give a presentation for you, your company or any other group you are a part of.
You can learn more about the Climate Reality Project below.


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En-ROADS and Climate Interactive

In 2020 I became an En-ROADS Climate ambassador. En-ROADS is a global climate simulator that allows users to explore the impact of roughly 30 policies—such as electrifying transport, pricing carbon, and improving agricultural practices—on hundreds of factors like energy prices, temperature, air quality, and sea level rise. 
This tool is developed by Climate Interactive at MIT Sloan, and is based on the best available science. 
The simulator can be used by anyone, and if you would like a facilitated session, let me know! You can read more about En-ROADS below.


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