Shaping our future through exponential technology, with Anders H. Lier from Energi.AI

Mar 2, 2022

How can we solve the biggest problems facing humanity and the planet by leveraging the power of businesses to create positive change?
My guest this week has dedicated his time, skills and resources to address this question in the most impactful way possible.

Anders H. Lier is an international impact investor and a leader in the field of innovation and technology. He has been pioneering early stage impact investing, he is Co-founder of Katapult Group and he is an active angel investor.

We talk about how he has experienced a number of pivotal moments (Coconut moments, as I call them) through his life and career, and how these moments have lead him down new paths. One result being his long involvement with girls’ education in India.

We also discuss the power of exponential thinking and how this brings hope to solving some of our biggest problems, especially related to the climate crisis.

This conversation left me with a great deal of hope and a huge boost of inspiration and I hope you will have the same experience!

Anders is the CEO and Founder of Energi.AI and Founder and Chairman of Propell Group. Pay attention to these companies, exciting things are happening!

Other resources mentioned in this episode

The girls’ education center Anders has been working with in India, Naandi Foundation

Anders’ TED talk

Singularity University

Burning Man

The resource I mentioned about breakthrough technologies and exponential thinking (a few years old, but it always gives me a ton of inspiration): Project Breakthrough



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