Ep 27: Small actions, big impact and the power of empathy with Siri Abrahamsen

Nov 17, 2021

Today my guest is Siri Abrahamsen.

Siri is a public speaker, author and the founder and CEO of the company World of Empathy or Gleding, which is the name in Norwegian. She is also the mother of three boys and a really wonderful person, which I am absolutely certain you will agree with me on after listening to this episode.

Her message about how small actions create big impact and how we all need to be seen, heard and included, brings a really important element to the work to create a better future.

This message and Siri’s work needs to be spread! So if you are listening to this from a very different part of the world and think that this is something you want to learn more about, then please reach out. We need a whole world of empathy!

Siri on Instagram

Gleding on Instagram



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