In between and behind the scenes – The TED talk that changed everything and my big goal for the next 90 days

Mar 9, 2022

I have a big plan, and I am now using a strategic move to get myself to follow through: I tell you about it!
I did this in order to get myself to launch this podcast and I have done it before by sharing plans in my blog Coconut Moments through the years. I haven’t succeeded every time, but I am absolutely sure it improves the odds.

The TED talk

Back in 2016 I watched a TED talk by a man called Scott Dinsmore. The name of the talk was “How to find work you love” and it completely changed the course of everything I was doing.

Scott was talking about how he just out of university got this great job and after just 2 months was so bored he decided to quit. Then he started a journey, researching and reading and he discovered that 80% of Americans at that time didn’t have any engagement in their job. He started giving friends advice about work and how to figure out what they really wanted to do, and gradually he built this network called Live Your Legend where they taught people how to discover what they really wanted to do through courses and networks. 

This was one of my first major “coconut moments” that I write about in my blog. For Norwegian listeners; you can read the specific post here. I sat there quite shaken in my identity as a geophysicist, thinking about what it was that I loved about the work I had done during the last 10 years as a geophysicist, and really didn’t find much. The parts I loved – like learning new things, going on a field trip, meeting new people and being presented to new ideas at conferences etc – really had nothing to do with the real purpose of my job: to find oil and gas.

The shift

Finding the Live Your Legend network marked the beginning of my own journey where I went really deep to figure out what it was that I really wanted to spend my time working with. And for almost five years I have had this thought that I would like more people to take this journey for themselves. Looking back I can see that it took me longer than needed to let go of the door that had been shut and seeing all the other open doors down the corridor. And I now feel I have something to give to other people based on my own long and winding journey.

The Plan

I know that many people have worries about the future and that they can feel overwhelmed by everything we have to change. I also know that the best way to reduce worry and anxiety is through action. And if that action could be combined with the right skills and interest and what is needed in the world – well, then I think we can move mountains. So my plan for the next three months is to create some kind of resource/course/community to help people find the best combination of a good life and a really interesting job while they at the same time make a positive impact for people and planet.

Now I said it, and that leaves me with a little more incentive to actually get it done. And the fantastic thing is this: when you are working on something which feels meaningful and important, and that you enjoy – it doesn’t actually feel like work. And that is exactly the feeling I wish that everybody would have.

The TED talk: How to find work you love

Great platforms for learning: edX and Coursera


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